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Spanish Tapas

Justin and I love tapas and on our trips to Washington D.C. we have been to several of Jose Andres’ restaurants and have had the most wonderful meals. We have a favorite tapas place in Asheville called Zambra and it serves nontraditional tapas dishes. My favorite dish there was the beef heart with homemade lo Mein noodles with a perfectly cooked egg which when cut the yolk slowing covered the dish with its rich taste. So when Justin and I want to make tapas at home we turn to Jose Andres’ cookbook Made in Spain

We have our favorite dishes that we make every time and we always try to make a new dish each time but sometimes fail to do this because we have so many favorites! I always make the “Basque tapa of Bonito with soft onion and tomato”.  The dish is a toasted baguette with tomato sauce (grated plum tomatoes with olive oil and salt) caramelized onions, Bonita tuna, and chives. I also always make the “Wrinkled potatoes, Canary Island Style” which are baby potatoes cooked with A LOT of salt which make the potatoes wrinkle and taste so creamy and rich. We serve these potatoes with the “Canary Island red pepper sauce”.  Justin always makes the “Chicken wing confit with green olive puree”.  He mixes olive oil, garlic, and pimenton and adds the wings and refrigerates overnight. The next day he slowly cooks the wings in olive oil and then coats in breadcrumbs and fries the wings to perfection. The green olive puree gives the wings that added acid that makes it the most perfect sophisticated chicken wing ever! Hmmmm something seems to be missing.  A vegetable! I go simple and serve greens with homemade vinaigrette.

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Right now Justin and I can’t take a trip to Spain, but who says Spain cannot come to us? Until the day we take that long awaited trip, I will be eating these tapas recipes that make me happy and that “transport” me to Spain.  I hope you check out these recipes and take your own “stay-cation” to Spain!


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