Thai Green Curry with Shrimp

Thai Red Curry with Shrimp

One of my favorite things to eat any time of year is my husband’s Thai Curry.  It’s rich, sweet, a little tangy – and all-around delicious.  Now, I am not sure how authentic the recipe is, but this is how he makes it and I just love it. One of the best things about it

White Duck Taco Asheville

Day trip to Asheville

Recently my husband Justin and I went on a day trip to Asheville.  We had some Christmas shopping to do and he had found a new taco place that he wanted to try. I always love going to Asheville, it is only an hour away from where we live and there is always something new

Blue Ridge Mountains

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Maggi Ingels; I am 39 years old, married to a wonderful man and the mother of a 19 year old daughter. I have never really known what I have wanted to do with my life. Now I have finally realized what I would love to do with my life. I want to